The Team

Greenstreet Partners is managed by well-respected real estate professionals Ambassador Steven J. Green and Jeffrey Safchik. Greenstreet's senior leadership is composed of highly experienced private and public market investors averaging over 10 years with the company and over 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

Team member bios are available below:

Amb. Steven Green

Amb. Green is Chairman and a founder of Greenstreet Partners and Greenstreet Real Estate Partners.  He also serves as a...

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Jeffrey Safchik

Mr. Safchik is the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Greenstreet Partners, and a founder of Greenstreet Real Estate...

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Victor Corral

Mr. Corral oversees the financial and strategic planning for Athos Capital and the Greenstreet companies and related investments including identifying...

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Mark Troy

Mr. Troy oversees Athos Capital and Greenstreet Partners’ real estate acquisition efforts. In this role, he is responsible for implementation...

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Brad Safchik

Mr. Safchik serves as Director of Asset Management for Greenstreet. In this role, he is primarily responsible for strategic direction...

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Ryan Lipps

Mr. Lipps leads Greenstreet’s real estate acquisitions process. His responsibilities include sourcing and underwriting potential investments, leading the due diligence...

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